ebooks – transfer to a device

Transfer to a Device

AFTER INSTALLING THE PC or MAC version software on your computer and checking out a book.

1. Connect your device to the computer. Your device should be on before you plug it into the computer in order for it to be recognized.

2. In the 3M Cloud Library, in the My Books tab, the software should be recognizing your device, and now there should be a green “download to device” button for each book.

3. Click the green “download to device” button for the book you wish to transfer.  The book will transfer quickly, and alert you when complete.

4. Properly eject your eReader from the computer!  You are ready to read your book.  You will have the regular reading functions of your ereader for this book.  Some ereaders may file the title under the folder “Digital Editions.”


My eReader is not recognized by the 3M software, how can I still use my ebook?

Some eReaders have software the blocks transfers from the 3M Cloud Library for PC.  The newer Sony eReaders have this problem.  So, here is a way to work around the problem. Note: we cannot get this to work for regular Kindles.

Please check these things before giving up on a regular 3M Cloud Library transfer:

  • device is turned on and properly connected to the computer.
  • device is fully updated – a missed update to your device’s software would cause it to not perform properly.  Please see the device support websites list for a link to your device’s company page.

Set Up on the Computer

  1. Make sure Adobe Digital Editions is installed. Do not have it? Get Adobe Digital Editions here.
  2. Authenticate Adobe Digital Editions with your personal Adobe ID. Get an Adobe ID here if you do not have one.
  3. Download the 3M Cloud Library software–PC or MAC located here–> 3M Cloud Library page. Learn to use the computer app and check out a book. NOTE: as you have authenticated your computer with the Adobe ID first, 3M Cloud should use this ID as well.

Transfer to the Device

Connect your device to the computer.

  1. In the 3M software choose the “My Books” tab and open the book you wish to transfer. This makes sure that the book is downloaded to your computer, and the adobe authentication is applied to it.
  2. On your computer, pull up “My Documents->My Digital Editions.” Any epub book downloaded on your computer should be stored here.
  3. Move the epub file into the proper folder for ebooks on your reader.  (On a Sony there is an ebooks folder under “Media”.)
  4. Eject your device from the computer.

Supported Devices