policies – Borrowing policy


On the day after their due date, library materials will be considered overdue if they have not been renewed or returned. Fines are to be levied for all overdue materials in the following manner.

21-day loan library materials –$0.10 cents per day overdue
14-day loan library materials—$0.25 cents per day overdue
7-day loan library materials—$0.25 per day overdue

* The computer system is designed to automatically assess the above charges.

Maximum Overdue Fine

The maximum charge per material is $5.

Collection Agency Fee

If an account is referred to a collection agency, there is an additional $10 fee added.

Lost Books

If a book is lost the borrower is required to pay for the cost of the book plus a $5 processing fee. A receipt will be given to the borrower. If the book is found after payment please return the book and payment receipt to the library for a refund that reflects the price of the lost item only. The refund will be mailed to your address. Refunds will not be given 6 months after the date of payment.

Lost Magazines

If a magazine is lost the patron is required to pay for the cost of the magazine plus fines accrued (max. $1.50).