Using the library – How do I…

Check my library account?

To check your account, click the my account link at the top of our home page.Enter your library barcode number and PIN to log in.From your account you can view or renew checked out items, update your profile information, request items, and more.


See what’s going on at the library?

From our home page, click “events” You can view events by week, month, or in an agenda format. Over to your right you will see a menu that will allow you to list events by library if you’re using the “agenda” format.

You can also follow our tweets for events or read our blogs to hear our plans for the future.


Renew my items online?

Log in to my account. Click “checked out” to see all your checked out items and their due dates.Check the box next to each item you wish to renew and then click “renew.” Please note, you cannot renew items that have been requested by another patron or have been renewed twice already, so be sure to check the item’s new due date.

Support the library?

There are many ways to support YOUR library.You can:

Most importantly, come to your library often, tell your friends, family and coworkers about our services, and let us know how we can better serve you!


Find my library pin number?

Go to any of our library branches and a library staff member can find your pin number in your account. They will require identification to do so.

You can also click on info-to-go and ask for your pin number. Remember to include your name and library card barcode number for identification purposes.


Find a library phone number and/or address?

Click on locations at the top of our website, then click on the library branch of your choice.


Find an item in the catalog?

In the top menu of our website you will find a catalog link. You can search for an item by title, author, subject, dvd, video, or audio book. This will bring you to the titles in the catalog. When you click on a particular title, you will then see which branch has it and whether it is available or not.

You may also click on my account and then on search catalog. You will then have a multitude of options for searching by title, author, ISBN number, audiobook, dvd, and more.

Find an item in the catalog through my mobile device?

We have a mobile version of our catalog located here:

Find the nearest library branch?

Click on locations in the top menu of our website. After you click on a particular library, you will see a map icon in the bottom left corner, which will show you where the branch is located.


Find the newest releases?

You can click on recent arrivals to see a listing of new nonfiction and children’s titles. Click on a book cover to place a hold on the particular title.

Volunteer at the library?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the library. In order to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application. You can either pick one up at one of our library branches or click on volunteer on our website to access the application online. Once we have received your application, a member of our library staff will contact you.


Research a topic?

There are many ways to research a topic at your local library. You may speak with staff at any of our branches in person or on the phone. Our Info to Go service is staffed by our system’s reference librarians who can help you answer a specific question or give you ideas of where to start researching. Our website is also full of information that could help. Click on articles or databases to access our library databases. You can also click on links to the web to find useful links to trustworthy and informative websites.

Place an interlibrary loan request?

To place an interlibrary loan request, you may either speak to a staff member at one of our branches or place your request via our website.

To place the request through our website:

Click on interlibrary loans in the secondary menu on our website. Create a user name and password by clicking on First Time Users. Fill out the registration form and click on Submit Information. Please make sure to include a correct email address as you will receive a message from the library at whichever email address you provide signaling that you may now place interlibrary loan requests. Once you have logged in, be sure to fill out all the fields highlighted in red. The loan type (for example, dvd or book) must also be completed.

Get a library card?

Library cards are available free to all Horry County residents. If you do not live in Horry County but work, go to school, or own property here, you are eligible for a free card. Present a photo ID and proof of residence/work/school/property to the nearest branch library to obtain a card. (If the photo ID has a current Horry County address, no other proof is needed.) Parents may obtain cards for their children.

These items may be used alone as identification.

  • Driver’s license with photo and current mailing address
  • State issued or Department of Defense ID card with photo and current mailing address
  • Valid passport with photo and current address

If the library patron does not have any of the above forms of identification:

  • A minimum of two items from the following may be used.One of the items must have the customer’s current address.
  • Driver’s license with photo, but old address (out-of-state is okay)
  • School ID with photo but no address
  • Military ID, with photo
  • Preprinted checkbook
  • Utility, telephone, or fuel bill with current address
  • Voter registration
  • Current government document with current mailing address; i.e., medical coupons, food stamp card, etc.
  • Telephone number and address listed in current version of a telephone book
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service “green card”
  • Property tax receipt.

Non-residents may purchase a library card which expires after six months, for $10. If the non-resident does not wish to purchase a card, a free temporary guest pass may be obtained for computer use which expires after 14 days.

Place a hold?

There are two ways to place a hold on a book:

1. Through the library’s web site:

  • Go to the online catalog.
  • Enter the title of the book. Click go. When the retrieved list appears, click on the title.
  • Click on the “Request item” button.
  • Enter your library barcode and PIN and click on the “Login” button.
  • Use the drop down box to select the pickup location.
  • Click on “Request.”
  • Click on “Return to Searching” or “Logout and Return.”


2. Call the nearest branch and request that a book be put on hold.

Change my address with the library?

Visit your nearest branch library and present your library card to change your address.

Request a book for purchase?

Please keep in mind that while there is no guarantee that the library will be able to purchase the item, the library welcomes and will seriously consider your request. If the item is purchased, a hold for it will be placed on your account.

There are two ways to request a book for purchase:

1. Through the library’s web site:

  • Click on the info-to-go link.
  • Fill in the required fields, and give the title and author of the book, with your name and library barcode number.
  • Click on “Submit” button.
  • A librarian will respond to your submission within 48 hours and forward your request to the Adult Services Librarian.


2. Call your nearest branch library and request the book for purchase. Give the staff member the title and author of the book, with your name, phone number and/ or email address, and library barcode number, and your request will be forwarded to the Adult Services Librarian.