What is an online database?

An online database is a file of specialized information available via a computer. The information is arranged for ease and speed of retrieval. A database is sold by subscription to libraries and other institutions, much as a magazine subscription is, however, databases tend to be much more expensive. The Horry County Memorial Library provides access to over 20 databases. These databases are either a part of DISCUS or are purchased by the library system with library funds.

Why does this matter to me?

The content available in these databases is more
authoritative than many web sites and much of the information is only available through the database subscription.

How do I access these databases?

All databases are available in Horry County Memorial Libraries and from your home or office at horry.lib.sc.us
Your library card barcode and personal identification number (PIN) are required for access outside the HCML system.

How do I know which database to use?

Brief descriptions of content accompany each database in the alphabetical listing.